Apple has been in a constant struggle with leaks around its future products. Much of the Cupertino tech giants plans for its international markets are revealed beforehand and somehow, these pre-indicators for its devices hamper its business. Apple had acknowledged this recently and starting taking on the sources of these leaks one by one, even sending out legal notices to some. Though as was expected, the tipsters behind such leaks were not deterred and information on the yet-to-launch Apple products kept on pouring in before their debut. Just when it seemed that the tipsters had won the battle, Apple’s recent launch event came as an eye opener for all, asserting that the company is one step ahead of the tipsters.

Among a series of product launches at Apple’s California streaming event, the big surprise for tech experts came with the new Apple Watch. Know that every product launched at the event had been hinted at before. So going into the Apple’s event, we knew the prospective launches to take place on the day, their specifications and details and even had an idea on the design that the new products will take. Apparently, this was not so.

You see, leaks for the Apple Watch Series 7 had been going on for months and had suggested a radical redesign for the smartwatch this time around. Speculation after speculation pointed at a flat-edge design for the Apple Watch, just as we had seen on the iPhones last year. The flat-edge design came, though not for the Apple Watch but for the iPad mini.

On the contrary to the popular expectation, the new Apple Watch remained largely the same to the older iteration, retaining its rounded-edge design and overall curvy form factor. There have been few changes though. The display, for instance, has been made bigger by the use of thinner bezels on the Apple Watch Series 7. The dials are also a bit larger than before. All this was predicted already on the new Apple Watch.

However, the fact that the device did not sport the much-speculated redesign seems to be a huge win for team Apple. To understand the importance of this, know that renders of the new Apple Watch had already made their way to the internet. World-renowned Apple analysts and tipsters had ALL confirmed on the flat edge design. So Apple going the complete opposite way would have been a closely guarded secret, at least one that Apple finally managed to keep until it was time.

It was earlier reported that Apple had sent warning letters and threatened to sue leakers for making any company secret public. It was even suggested that the company had started making its employees wear “police-grade” body cameras to keep a check on these leaks. Apple’s attempts to thwart them, thus, were pretty evident.

The fact that it could guard at least one product’s plans is nothing short of a miracle for the tech major. Note that there is an argument that the new Apple Watch was originally meant to feature the suggested flat-edge design but last-minute changes prevented that. Well, even in that case, Apple managed to keep the secret, even if just for a minute. So, this round definitely goes to Apple.