Introduction: Modern life demands to be easier and time-saving too, In order to fulfill the growing demands and to save time, technology has to come up with great responsibility. For example, innovative steps were taken in recent decades to make Human Life easier. As Robots, advanced computers were introduced. This was not enough as there is still more to come, some of its highlights are stated below; these come under Top Five Tech Inventions to Make Life Easier



Now-a-day, a Smart Trash container is introduced in the market by Knectek Lab. Is also known as Self Sealing Bag or Self Changing Bin. The SELF-SEALING BIN comprises of Refill ring of about 30 days.

The SELF-SEALING BIN is equipped with an infrared sensor to sense, the need to open the top lid consequently. A fan is there to sense whether a bag is placed or not and to create a vacuum to both seal a full bag and bring down a new one when the sealed trash bag is removed. This includes Self-Sealing Bin in Top Five Tech Inventions to Make Life Easier


SELF-SEALING BIN touchless design opens the lid, whenever it senses a wave of the hand. When SELF-SEALING BIN becomes full, a button pressed on the front seals the bag, opens the top assembly for bag removal, then closes to pull a new bag into place. If the lid won’t close due to overloading, the trash can will automatically lift the top and seal the bag for removal.

The infrared sensors of the SELF-SEALING BIN detect the movement at a range of 35 centimeters (about 14”). The bags of the SELF-SEALING BIN are pulled from the Refill Ring and cut and sealed using thermoplastic tech.

This SELF-SEALING BIN will be loved by those who want to cut down the odor and mess. Whether throwing leftover sloppy-joes or stinky diapers, nothing will escape the moisture and water-resistant sealing capability of this SELF-SEALING BIN.


The 402-millimeter-tall bin is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, which Knectek Labs claims that the material is resistant to chemicals and impact and withstands humidity and different temperatures. It runs on a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery, getting about a month’s power from a 10-hour charge.

POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter)


POIMO stands for “Portable and Inflatable Mobility”. POIMO is a soft and transportable inflatable electric scooter which is under development in Japan.


POIMO is created by the collaboration of Kawahara Lab and Niiyama Lab of the University of Tokyo along with the Mercari R4D Inc team.

POIMO is focusing on redefining modern personal mobility by combining it with soft robotics. This could lead to reduce Green House gases emission to some extent.

Features of POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter):

POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter) comes with an unbelievable weight of just 5.5 Kg. POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter) is so compact that it can be folded into an average-sized backpack. The design of POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter) is based on soft Robotic Technology. Creators of POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter) have ensured that it is safe and lightweight. POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter) is enough for an individual to carry and it also allows to ride it on and off anywhere. Most importantly, to reduce the overall weight, a battery-less/wireless powering system is introduced in POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter).

Basic Components used and Working:

POIMO(Inflatable Electric scooter) is made up of Drop Stitch material that is light and provides enough endurance though the scooter is still under development. The inflatable body is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, the same material is used in airbeds. Other components are the front and rear wheels, electric motor, handlebars, and wireless controller. The process of getting the scooter ready (inflating and attaching its components) will not take enough than 300 seconds.



LAZY READER GLASSES are 45O glasses developed to get a clear view while reading books or Operating laptops. When we are trying to access or use it while lying in our bed this will. This invention leads to prevents tilting our heads while doing these works and so on.


LAZY READER GLASSES basically works on the principle of Periscope. It uses a mirror to bounce light from one place to another that allows a wearer to effectively see in an unnatural direction. The light bounces from a mirror placed at 45 degrees in the main body of the glasses and then out to a person’s eye.

They are built to reduce mobility for the one dealing with mobility issues but are also perfect for any person probing for a more comfortable reading experience. Reviews speak to them slipping off of your face when sitting up, so stick to wearing these while lying down, and enjoy!


LAZY READER GLASSES is a significant invention for an individual suffering from neck ailments, shoulder or back pain, eye problems, and a host of other head, neck, and back-related pains. Thus, LAZY READER GLASSES is an impeccable invention for People looking to adopt a healthier approach to reading and viewing things.

HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask)

  1. About HUSHME:

HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask) basically is a device that provides speech privacy while speaking on a phone in an open space or public place.

HUSME was founded by ALEX NESTERENKO back in August 2015. It is the world’s first voice mask for smartphones which provides you enough privacy for a conversation standing in a midst of crowds.

  • Working of HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask):

There are two modes for HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask);

  1. Headset mode: In Headset Mode one can put it around the neck as a hands-free headset while speaking on a phone or listening to music.
  2. Mask Mode: In Mask Mode HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask) is locked over the mouth. It seamlessly works with your phone, keeping your conversations private.

This innovative mouth cover gives a comfortable and sharp-looking protective environment designed to keep the conversation private over the phone without disturbing the surrounding. This will lead to keep the place becoming noise-free and the one listening on another side could hear a noise-free voice.

Rather than this HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask) provides a voice muffling technique for better privacy. It also provides a superior 10 hours of battery life. Thirdly, HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask) comes with a wireless connection. Most importantly it gives you an ergonomic design.

  • Specifications and features:
  1. General features:
  1. IP Rating: IP 21
  2. Operating Temperature: 0O to 35O C
  3. Headphone Type: In ear with different size adapters
  4. Connection Options: Wired/Wireless
  5. Volume Control: Volume Buttons
  6. Headphone Cord Type: Double-sided (Detachable)
  7. Headphone Cord Length: Headphone Cable (approx. 1.2m)
  8. Input: Mini jack 3.5 mm, 4 pole
  9. Wearing Style as Voicemask: Lock over mouth
  10. Wearing Style as Headset: Around the neck
  11. Microphone/Headphone design:
  12. Headphone Driver Unit: Moving Coil Dynamic
  13. Headphone Impedance: 16±15%Ω
  14. Headphone Frequency Response: 2020KHz
  15. Headphone Sensitivity: 100±5dB @ 1KHz, 179 mV
  16. Mask Microphone Sensitivity: -46±2dB
  17. Mask Microphone Frequency Range: 50Hz – 1 KHz
  18. Outside Microphone Sensitivity: -38±3 dB
  19. Outside Microphone Frequency Range: 50Hz – 10 KHz
  20. Mask Features:
  21. Sound Reduction Level: 10 dB
  22. Sound Pressure Reduction Level: 3.2 Times
  23. Battery:
  24. Input: 4.2 V
  25. Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer
  26. Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
  27. Battery Charge Time: Approx. 3.5 Hours (Full Charge)
  28. Battery Life (Standby Time): Up to 84 Hours (3.5 days)
  29. Battery Life (Listening Time): Up to 19 Hours
  30. Battery Life (Talk Time): Up to 15 Hours
  31. BT Specification:
  32. Wireless Connection: BT V4.0

Is it worth buying HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask):

HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask) is meant for the people’s indulged over rigorous conversations through smartphones even that they also need to share some confidential data through voice communication in a crowded place.

HUSHME (Speech Privacy Mask) will offer a great space and will provide enough privacy to share anything over a voice in midst of thousands of crowds.

Home Biogas


HOME BIOGAS is a Biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. When organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, Break Down in an Anaerobic Environment (An environment absent of oxygen) it releases a blend of gases, Primarily Methane and Oxygen. 

Biogas Benefits:

The primary benefit of HOME BIOGAS is that it is renewable. Whereas the production of oil and other fossil fuels will eventually peak and decline, we will always be able to make HOME BIOGAS as long as the sun shining and plants can grow.

HOME BIOGAS has zero net greenhouse emissions because the CO2 is released into the atmosphere when it burns no more than what was drawn down from the atmosphere when the organic matter was first grown.

Working of the biogas plant:

HOME BIOGAS plants rely on anaerobic digestion, a fermentation process in which waste is digested by microbes that produce methane gas (HOME BIOGAS). The waste can be converted into bio-fertilizer and spread directly onto fields, or the HOME BIOGAS itself can be used interchangeably with natural gas as fuel.